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FREE AutoCAD Tutorials

Learn Computer Aided Design with Free AutoCAD Instructional Videos

   This site provides video instruction for learning AutoCAD, the most popular Computer Aided Design software in the world.  For the beginner or experienced user, this site provides video demonstrations that will quickly improve your understanding of AutoCAD, it's tools and processes used for creating CAD drawings. This site provides a complete learning package that consists of guided video instruction on both CAD concepts and projects that show how CAD is applied in drawing.  Combine this insruction with a the free download of AutoCAD software from AutoDesk and you are ready to start learning.

Free AutoCAD Videos

     Each of these videos provide a clear demonstration of each of the Commands, processes or concepts essential to using AutoCAD.  Each video is designed with a clear learning objective that is simply explained.  Each video demonstrates the processes used in drawing with an emphasis on drawing accuracy and efficiency.  If you just need to learn about a particular command or process, jump to the AutoCAD tutorial page and browse or use the search and enter a keyword to narrow your search.

Free AutoCAD Lessons

     If you want a more structured approach to learning AutoCAD, then choose from the AutoCAD Lessons.  Each of these video based lessons are designed to take you step by step through learning processes and commands and applying what you have learned by completing activities and projects.  Each of the lessons have clearly stated learning objectives and grouped together AutoCAD videos and AutoCAD projects to direct your self paced learning.  In no time you will be mastering AutoCAD and Computer Aided Design. 

Free AutoCAD Drawing Projects

     Theory or concepts are important, but application is where you develop your skills.  Our AutoCAD Projects are classroom tested activities that provide opportunities to apply CAD tools to drawing specific objects.  Each project provides an opportunity to apply CAD drawing tools and processes that will help you develop your speed and efficiency in drawing. 

Free AutoCAD Software

    Join the AutoDesk Education Community and get FREE AutoCAD SOFTWARE and access to a vast amount of learning resources for computer aided design and animation.  This is the perfect combination of free AutoCAD software and the free lessons provided here.  Join the AutoDesk Design Community today, download and install AutoCAD 2012 and you are ready to start watching the videos and learning to draw.