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Lesson 7 - More Modify Tools and Selection Methods

Lesson Summary:

This lesson will give you practice in using modify tools like COPY, FILLET, TRIM ans EXTEND as well as additional Draw Tools like RECTANGLE.  The effectiveness of using Modify tools is the ability to quickly select objects in the drawing while using modify commands.  AutoCAD give you a number of ways to select objects including Window, Crossing Window as well as additional advanced methods.  Knowing how to use the selection tools and the behavior of each of the modify tools will increase your drawing speed and accuracy.

Learning Objectives: 

When you have completed this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Use the Implied, Crossing and Manual Selection Windows to select single and multiple objects in a drawing using AutoCAD.
  2. Use additional manual selection methods to select objects in a drawing in a drawing in AutoCAD.
  3. Use Grips to select objects, get information and edit objects using dynamic input.
  4. Use the COPY command to copy object in a drawing using using pick or Grips selection method in AutoCAD
  5. Use the FILLET command to create radiused geometry connecting to objects or lines in AutoCAD.
  6. Use Direct Distance Entry, Ortho and Fillet to complete this AutoCAD drawing of a mechanical part.
  7. Use the RECTANGLE Command to create rectangles in a drawing in AutoCAD.
  8. Use the TRIM Command to shorten lines, circles and arcs using a specified cutting edge and EXTEND to lengthen lines, circles and arcs to a specified boundary.
  9. Use the RECTANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIM AND FILLET commands to accurately drawing this mechanical object in AutoCAD.

Lesson Activities:

Watch each of these videos and completed the demonstrated Project to complete this Lesson.

  1. VIDEO - Selecting Ojbects Using Window Selection Methods
  2. VIDEO - Using Advanced Selection Methods
  3. VIDEO - Using Grips to Select and Edit Ojects
  4. VIDEO - Using the COPY Command
  5. VIDEO - Using the FILLET Command
  7. VIDEO - Using the RECTANGLE Command
  8. VIDEO - Using the TRIM and EXTEND Command



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    Lesson 7 - More Modify Tools and Selection

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